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Babies and Children
Babies and Children

Why do babies need osteopathic treatment?

During and after childbirth, the focus is often on the health of the mother; but what of the baby?

The journey from the womb to the big wide world places enormous pressures on the baby as it is squeezed along the birth canal.

Research has shown that gentle cranial osteopathic treatment on new born babies can significantly relieve this trauma.

Babies and Children

For advice on osteopathic treatments available for babies and children, call Stella Arden & Associates in Louth on 01507 307 731
or Woodhall Spa on 01526 354 324





Babies and Children

Benefits of osteopathic treatment on babies and children:

  • Reduced colic and crying
  • Improved sleep patterns
  • Less irritability and more smiles
  • Fewer trips and falls
  • Improved concentration

How can we help your child

All the play time falls, the minor accidents, the grazed elbows and sore legs take their toll on a young body.

If your child is fidgety and unable to sit and concentrate for long, this may be due to physical discomfort and tension that they do not have the words to explain.

Gentle treatment from a highly trained osteopath can release these pressures, enabling your child to fully engage with life again.

To book an osteopathic consultation in Louth call 01507 307 731 and for Woodhall Spa call 01526 806 621